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Naturally Tickled Pits - Natural Deodorant protects you and your armpits for 12-24 hours, by eliminating the odour causing bacteria that lives on skin.

Keeping you Fresh, Clean and Odour Free all day.

CLEAN - Zero Toxins and Zero Synthetic Ingredients.

GENTLE - Packed full with nourishing, skin loving ingredients like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to sooth and protect skin.


AFFORDABLE - It is important to us that everyone can afford to choose the healthy option. From our ingredients through to our packaging, everything is essential. Keeping it simple and affordable.

QUALITY - A lot of time and care goes into sourcing only the best, high quality ingredients from reputable suppliers. Locally where possible.


NATURAL - 100% Natural Ingredients - Labelled so that you know exactly what you are applying to your skin!

EFFECTIVE - Will provide at least 12-24 hours odour free protection

Large 65g Tins which can last up to 3 months


Palmarosa + Lavender + Frankincense - NEW SCENT

Ylang Ylang + Sweet Orange

Lemon Myrtle + Bergamot

Mint + Geranium + Cedarwood + Lime

Vanilla - **Discontinued


Naturally Tickled Pits - Natural Deodorant is for everyone! Men, woman and teenagers!

*No Aluminium 

*No Parabens

*No Synthetic Fragrance

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Locally handmade in Newcastle, NSW

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