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Will I have a reaction to the Sodium Bicarbonate?



Most natural deodorants use bicarbonate as the main ingredient to prevent and neutralize odour causing bacteria.

When bicarbonate is applied to the sensitive skin under our armpits it can disrupt the PH level of our skin which can result in a red itchy rash for some people.

Given that bicarbonate is highly effective at eliminating odour causing bacteria, we wanted to incorporate it into our product but also find a balance so that it does not cause irritation.

We have combined the bicarbonate with other powerful ingredients that are also highly effective but are gentle and soothing on skin. One of these ingredients is Zinc Oxide which is used in nappy rash cream. The only reason we haven't used this ingredient alone as the only odour fighter is that it leaves that white residue that we don't want!


We have found that people who generally cannot use bicarbonate-based deodorant are able to use our deodorant due to the other ingredients that have been combined.

After much trialing and testing we believe we have found the perfect formula, which is very effective while also being very gentle.

Having said that, everyone's skin is different, and we can't 100% guarantee you won't have a reaction, if you are normally sensitive to bicarbonate. Please email us at if you would like a sample.

Can I buy Naturally Tickled Pits deodorant in stores?

We are in the process of getting our deodorant stocked in some local Salons/Stores. Keep an eye out on our website for a list of these soon.

If you are a business owner who would like to stock our natural deodorant, please contact us for details.

Currently Stocked In:

Show Us Your Tips - Nail Salon in Tanilba Bay

Kindred Living - Lemon Tree Passage

How long will my tin last for?

The 65g tin should last close to 3 months if applied as per instructions.

Will Naturally Tickled Pits work on men?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Naturally Tickled Pits is suitable for everyone. From young teenagers just starting to use deodorant to the sweaty, active men and woman who work and play hard. We have had great feed back from men who love using our product.

Is Naturally Tickled Pits Vegan Friendly?

We do use a small amount of Beeswax, Some Vegans don't mind using Beeswax, others do. 

We may make a switch to Candelilla wax however is a harder wax than beeswax so would take some testing to make sure the consistency of the product is not altered. 

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